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You may have heard about people building ‘Green’? … the ‘Eco’ or ‘Environmentally Friendly’ tag-line has definitely mooched its way into our everyday vernacular like a robust earthworm, burrowed deep into our verdant veggie patches.

Recycled Products, VOC free paint, Energy Saving Light Globes … everyone wants to make better, healthier, environmentally friendly choices for our planet … right? But, have you ever wondered if these same choices are better, healthier and safer for your body too?

Our homes are made up of a gargantuan number of materials, construction methods, interior fittings, furnishings and electrical components.  Some of these are ‘conventional’ and some are deemed ‘green’ … but a vast number of these items (whether they’re marketed as eco-friendly or not) can pose a health risk to you and your family.


Our bodies are constantly interacting with the environment, all of the day, all of the time … through the air we breathe, the foods we ingest, what comes into contact with our skin.

From the chemicals or fragrance in your washing powder, pesticides in automated room sprays, to the formaldehyde in wrinkle-free fabric treatments on bed sheets, to chlorine in your shower and drinking water. EVERYTHING ends up in your bloodstream within minutes.

Another factor which can also impact our health, are the Electro Magnetic Fields ‘EMF’ and Radio Frequencies ‘RF’ with which we surround ourselves.


Building Materials and Household Items that may ‘off-gas’ toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and Volitile Organic Compounds ‘VOCs’ (that we then inhale) …

  • Paint and wallpaper.
  • Carpet and Vinyl flooring.
  • Plastics (furniture &  appliances)
  • Furniture and Cabinets (especially compressed wood products, particle-board and plywood)
  • Finishes on floor/walls/ furniture (especially varnish, sealers, lacquer, adhesives)
  • Finishes on fabrics (especially stain-guard and permanent-press/ wrinkle-free)
  • Air fresheners and room fragrances.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Pest control treatments (flea bombs, aerosols, rooms prays, mothballs)
  • Mattresses and Lounge chairs/sofas (fire-retardant & anti-microbial treatments)

Mould … Airborne mould spores and Mycotoxins which we breathe in from the air. Leaking pipes or roof, wet areas, basements, bathrooms, garden organic-matter decay.

Electrical … Electro Magnetic Fields which are emitted from internal wiring, power-points,  appliances, electrical cords.

Radio frequencies … which are emitted from Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones, Wireless devices and WiFi and Blue Tooth technology.

Surrounding Environment …

  • Overhead power lines
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • Nearby pollution like car exhaust fumes, industrial waste, pesticide sprays (golf courses, parks, agricultural land)

Some of these toxic offenders above, that ‘off-gas’, can exude noxious fumes, chemicals and contaminants (some even odourless) for weeks, months, even years.

Latex/acrylic paint can off-gass for 2 years, new carpet can off-gass for 6-15 years and MDF and particle board, found in flat-pack kitchens, furniture and in building materials can continue to off-gass for up to 20 years. Proven respiratory irritants, carcinogenics, neurotoxins, immune & DNA disregulators … all this & more.

So, considering that the USA Environmental Protection Authority, now considers the INDOOR quality of our homes as the BIGGEST health risk of the 21st century/modern times, how does YOUR indoor air quality measure up?


Our homes should be our sanctuaries. A place of refuge and rejuvenation. A safe and healthy place to live, sleep, thrive and raise our family. But, has the health of our homes (and ultimately ourselves,) been overlooked in favour of convenience, cost, energy-ratings, aesthetics, the latest trend, or worse, ‘green-washing’ and ‘ECO’ marketing spin?

Even though the human body does a pretty amazing job at metabolising all sorts of toxins,with regard to many of the BIG TOXIC OFFENDERS located in our homes, the body just isn’t designed to deal with them … even in the healthiest of humans.

If the body becomes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these environmental toxins, either by one large exposure or chronic long-term exposure, or if there is a genetic inability to efficiently metabolise or excrete these toxins, then that person’s health could be at risk.

In EI /MCS, sufferers are highly sensitised or ‘allergic’ to a large number of common chemical irritants and substances … these triggers are rampant in everyday building materials and interior fittings. This can make finding ‘Safe’ housing very difficult. In many cases, exposure to just a MINUTE amount can trigger HORRIBLE and disabling symptoms. Constant 24/7 exposure, can leave EI/MCS sufferers in a never-ending state of symptomatic distress, greatly impacting the quality of their lives, making their overall condition much much worse and in some cases, creating irreversible damage.

Many EI/MCS sufferers are forced from their homes in a desperate attempt to alleviate their disabling symptoms and daily suffering. Many sleep on their porches, in bathrooms, in cars, in tents far from civilisation. Unable to tolerate a friend’s house, hotel room, public housing or locate safe rental accommodation, MANY EI/MCS sufferers are permanently homeless.

In today’s modern world, Safe Housing, free from chemical toxins, irritants and excessive EMFs and RF Fields, can be close to impossible to find. But, in many cases, SAFE HOUSING CAN BE THE DECIDING FACTOR in whether EI/MCS suffers improve their health or even recover completely.

In the right environment, free from the constant onslaught of toxicant exposure, the body has an opportunity to find its feet, its equilibrium. Without the added daily load of toxic stress, in many cases, symptoms subside and healing can begin.

A healthy home becomes a critical component of treatment …A HEALTHY HOME becomes ESSENTIAL MEDICINE. Just as the wrong type of environment can harm, the RIGHT environment can heal.

Modifying existing housing can be challenging, purpose-built ‘safe’ housing can be expensive, and did I mention, unchartered territory? Traditionally trained builders and architects and material manufacturers are unawares and untrained. In addition, because each individual has unique tolerances & sensitivities, there is no one-size-fits-all instruction manual.



Featuring safe/ inert materials and specialised building methods, my compact, stylish, studio digs will be ‘green’ in a totally new way.

Friendly to the environment, but also friendly to me, my body, my health. A completely safe, low-toxin sanctuary for me to live in, thrive and heal.

A project like this needs heroes. Talented tradies, specialised materials, finances and a whole lot of determined spirit.
If you can assist in any way to make my dream healing-home a reality, I’d LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. will the pod you are building include a Faraday cage for emp/wifi etc? It is not overly complex or expensive but afford protection from the continuous bombardment of electromagnetic waves etc, If you could “see” these it would be like a snowstorm.
    mobile phones, repeater towers microwaves all work on a similar wavelength.
    I am no expert, just an old fart who spent 30 years as a firefighter and God only know what I have been exposed to.
    I am paying now for all those years. Still no complaints here, just best wish’s for you and the future.~~~~~~~~~~ waving

    • Hi Sean, thanks so much for your message. Yes, my Safe Pod is being constructed with EMF etc reduction in mind.
      Sending you my best wishes!

  2. Hello Amelia! Have you started your cabin, or are you still in the planning stages? I have MCS, and am trying to build a safe cabin for myself, on a trailer. I am trying to move from planning & testing to building & am having a tough time with the transition – because of “if I mess this up, where am I going to live” fears. Problem is, some things that didn’t bother me in the beginning, started bothering me after an exposure to a species of wood that didn’t like me, so I am letting my body cool down, then I’ll have to retest my finish to make sure it’s ok – in the mean time I’m trying to hurry up & get things ordered already, because winter is coming quickly.
    I have been researching materials for the last year [I get samples & put them in a small glass jar for a few days, then smell them & see if they make me sick.] Kind of a risky way to test things, but the only way I know. I have found some wood finishes that seem to not bother me, once cured & that have a fast cure time [I think I could live with them within a week of applying them.] I also found something called Magnesium Oxide Board, that is very inert & fire / mold resistant, that you can use instead of sheetrock. I would love to hear from you, on where you are at on your project & what materials you have found to work for you & to share the things I have found, if you are interested. Best of luck!

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for your message. Yes, it can be a long & tiresome process researching & testing oneself on building materials etc- everyone responds so differently.

      I test samples ok myself too. I use muscle testing/kinesiology & sniff & overnight tests etc.

      But depending on your current toxic load these results can vary too. Sounds like a good idea to wait until you’re not do reactive before you test again.

      Materials are still being determined here. I’ve had some delays, due to health, but also the MagO board I ordered, I am now reacting to. The first sample, I did not. So something is different.

      I’m using galvanised iron & steel frame & ceramic floor tiles with concrete as morter.
      Probably wool for insulation with some foil sarking.


  3. HI Amelia

    We are using EarthWool as insulation. Not sure if you’ve heard of it but I thought i’d just pass this along… I tested the one in the aqua packet. The company were really good and organised for a man not wearing fragrance to bring it to my house.

    I was worried about using wool due to the chemicals. I’d love to know what types of insulation you’ve found…

  4. One of the problems we discovered in building our own house is that the materials cost much more than a traditional house. You end up investing more money than the house you build is valued at. Our house cost $500K to build. My husband recovered and we had to move for his work. We started selling the house at $400K and recently reduced the cost to $379K. That is close to the market value, so the house may eventually end up in the hands of someone who doesn’t have MCS or EMF or mold disease. I would much prefer that someone who has these disorders get well in the house as my husband did. The house is in New Mexico. To learn more, go to

  5. Hi amelia
    This is Erin from Adelaide i am doing renovations to our existing house i don’t have issues with electrical stuff wifi etc but do have severe mcs it is a hard thing to live with
    Mine got a lot worse after a long stay in hospital – too many chemicals etc
    I am glad you are making your safe house and I hope my renovations happen soon too xo erin

  6. I know exactly what you are talking about! I read an article that suggested that CFL light bulbs give off radiation, so I did some research. What I found out was that the amount of radition is negligible – unless you have Lupus. Well, guess what? I have Lupus! My entire house was filled with CFLs. I replaced them all with Incandescent bulbs, and within days I was feeling better!

  7. Hi Amelia I’m just looking to source all the non toxic materials used as we have minor chemical sensitivity. Thanks

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