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Amelia Hill is living an extraordinary life.

As a once sought-after fashion and interiors stylist, writer and fashion designer with her own clothing label, Amelia’s creativity and stylish swagger has featured in glossy magazines like Real Living and House & Garden, on fashion runways and throughout campaigns for notable brands like Country Road and MG Cars.

But, after battling a severe form of Environmental Illness/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ElectroHyperSensitivity coupled with twenty years of misdiagnosis, Amelia discovered a new mission. Not only to heal her own life and share some of the powerful lessons she’s learned along the way, but also to raise much needed awareness about these often very challenging illnesses commonly labelled as ‘invisible’.

Her gutsy, ‘Amazing Amelia’ determination, unstoppable optimism and insightful spin has captured the attention of people all over the Globe.

Amelia’s courageous story has been featured in Body & Soul Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Sunday Style, The Sunday Mail, The Advertiser, South Australian Style Magazine and on Channel Seven’s ‘Today Tonight’.

She currently has three books in production including one detailing her #HealthyHome building project, #AmazingHQ.

Be inspired by Amelia’s incrdible journey back to health via her website and social media platforms.


Below are a selection of TV/Newspaper interviews, Web interviews & Guest Blog Posts- Dive in!

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