“Sharing her story with incredible courage and honesty, Amelia inspires so many to believe that there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome. Whatever she is facing, she’s always focused on the bright-side and can always muster a smile. Amelia really is the perfect role model for anyone on their own health journey.”

– Emma Hack, Artist & Body Illustrator

“Your shine is so bright girl,  I can hardly see. (Said through squinted eyed dodging all the golden rays you are putting out) Watch out world, Amelia is not backing down. She is a force to be reckoned with. Once she gets through this challenge of EI, there will be no dreams that can’t be realised by this amazing Chick. So honoured to know her & count her as a dear friend”

– Julie Genser, Founder & Director

“Amelia IS courage. It is in her very name. She is surviving, every single day. I can only imagine the emotional and mental battle, let alone the physical. I am in complete awe of Amelia her words, dive into her courage… it’ll change the way you see your world and powerfully reframe your perspective on life.”

– Claire Obeid, Mind-Body-Soul Coach

“The greatest lessons in life often come when facing the greatest struggles. Amelia has climbed over the highest obstacles and been through the darkest of days. Her unique insights, understanding and steadfast bravery come from walking the pathway herself.
I have watched her grow immensely through it all and her spirit shines brightly. May she continue to soar!”

– Albert Hennink, Yoga Master & Healer

“When I think Amelia Hill the words – inspiring, determined, strong willed, passionate, beautiful, kind, caring, amazing, simply awesome – are just a few that come to mind.  Amelia teaches me to be grateful for everything I have in my life, right down to the small things …I simply cannot imagine the amount of inner strength she has to continue to seek answers to heal herself, and all the while sharing her story with others, sharing her inspiration and sending her shining light out to the world.”

– Vanessa Comley, Business Owner & Manager

“Amelia Hill is most certainly one amazing woman. To face an existence such as she with grace, courage, strength and resolute belief is something to behold. She inspires me to be more grateful, more tolerant and patient as well as to never doubt my own strength and ability. Thank you Amelia!”

– Rebecca Carden

“I feel truly honored to have connected with Amelia in this life. The sharing of her story with us all is a healing for us as much as it is for her. Her strength, courage, faith and love shine through in all she shares. She is greater then her circumstances as are we all and her story proves that.”

– Julia Shay Tuchman, Writer & Intuitive

“Amelia smiles with her whole being and her eyes bare her soul. For someone to smile through this adversity is mind boggling, but for someone to smile the way Amelia smiles with the whole of her being is nothing short of a miracle. I absolutely cannot imagine what it is like for Amelia and what amazing strength of spirit it takes to go on everyday.”

– Zoe Watson, Owner & founder of ‘Bliss Sanctuary for Women’

“Amelia’s extraordinary journey is a true inspiration to us all. I am personally inspired by the strength she endures with her everyday challenges. She does this with immense courage, positivity and grace. Truly amazing.”

– Sarah Rogers

“Words can not express how in awe I am of Amelia’s immense courage, incredible mindset and admirable determination which she needs to muster daily just to survive – literally! What many of us take for granted she faces as a life-threatening challenge due to Environmental Illness / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Amelia Hill is a woman of wisdom who we can all learn from.”

– Debbie Spellman

“Amelia radiates pure strength, determination and kindness and despite her current predicament, is grabbing life by the hands and is committed to raising awareness about this disabling yet misunderstood condition. “

– Camilla Ferraro


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