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Hi there, I’m Amelia,


I believe that within you, right now, is greatness. And no matter the circumstances around you or what obstacles you might face up ahead, I believe, that you absolutely have what it takes to be your best you. Nothing can keep you from your destiny.


And if you dig deep, really dig deep, in every way imaginable … gutsy dedication, unstoppable optimism, unshakeable resolve, hardcore heroism, tough decision making and no-holds barred, subterranean soul-defining Q&A. If you dig deep, EVEN in the face of incomprehensible odds or unfair situations, overwhelming fear or uncertainty. I believe, if you can do THAT, if you can go THERE, not only will you learn the unmatched awe-inspiring truth about who you really are, but you will know firsthand, without doubt, that you are stronger and more courageous than you ever realised. You will know, that there is nothing that you cannot do.

Serious illness and long term isolation catapulted me into an unexpected journey of accelerated spiritual growth, unrivaled self-discovery and total transformation.


A life assignment like no other.

Navigating the relentless physical symptoms and difficulties associated with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Electro Hyper Sensitivity coupled with the emotional and psychological impact of living confined to one bare room for several years with minimal human contact, changed me forever.

Great wisdoms, life-altering lessons and even many unexpected blessings are to be found within every situation, every conundrum, every hardship…even within the game-changing and often heartbreaking scenario of serious illness.

This I know for sure.

Whether it’s restoring the physical body, reimagining relationships or reinventing your entire purpose … whatever it may be. All journeys contain the potential for realisation and renewal, beauty and brilliance. And I believe, that when you look at your world from this BRAVE NEW PERSPECTIVE, it will transform your entire outlook, and heal your life in ways you never thought possible.


So it’s my hope, that by sharing my personal story with you both here on my website and in the media and on social platforms, I might inspire you to delve deeper into your own unique journey too, embracing your entire self and even your adversity with renewed compassion and profound insight.

We cannot erase the past or completely disembody the suffering we’ve been through. But we can grab ahold of our best selves and the brightest vision we have for our lives, stay focused on awesome dreams and outcomes no matter the obstacle and decide to go onwards anyhow.

So let me fire up your courage.
Let me show you how to see your situation with new eyes.

(Plus, I’ll gladly share other healthy living lessons I’ve learned with you too. Like my fave organic, chemical free finds and all the style deets of my self built, one of a kind, low tox healthy home too.)


Decide right now, that your destiny is infinitely too important, your health, peace of mind, self worth and your future too precious, to live small anymore.





Want to know more about my epic healing journey? The long & updated version of my story is available to read now. Learn how I went from fashion designer, magazine stylist & writer for glossy shelter mags … chasing career goals by day & attending VIP soirees at night … to a decades-long search to learn the cause of my ill health. Plus, I share some of the mind-bending, heartbreaking, spirit-fuelled lessons I’ve encountered on my own personal healing odyssey too.


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I look forward to getting to know you!


In health, happiness & greatness,





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DISCLAIMER - Information contained in this website is based on my own health journey. Please use your discretion and consult with your doctor or healthcare provider to decide what is best for you.